Torrys Top 10: Signs your pet may not love you as much as you think

By Torry Stiles

Top ten signs your pet may not love you as much as you think

by Torry Stiles

  1. The cat is giving you the side-eye. 
  2. You were updating your will and noticed somebody had changed your beneficiary to “Mister Barker.”
  3. There’s a knife in the goldfish bowl and you don’t recognize it. 
  4. Your talking parrot is threatening to go to the cops. 
  5. You made a Facebook page for your cat and he unfriended you. 
  6. Your dog fetches in the newspaper folded to reveal the obituary pages. 
  7. The cat likes knocking stuff off the counter but you get suspicious when you’re taking a bath and he shows up with a plugged in toaster. 
  8. The fish are whispering about you. 
  9. You were used to the cat sleeping on your face but you aren’t sure why he brought a plastic bag this time. 
  10. You just saw your credit card bill and there’s a few thousand dollars worth of Amazon stuff delivered to “Mister Barker.”