By Torry Stiles

10. Snooperman (noun): The character in every superhero movie trying to figure out the superhero’s secret identity.

9. Poochifaction (noun): To demand your pet be allowed to accompany you anywhere.

8. Soda perk (noun): Breakfast Pepsi.

7. Troddler (noun): Child who has passed through the cute stage and now needs a good whack on the butt.

6. Tote truck (noun): Any number of truck-like vehicles so prettied up that you could never actually use them as a truck.

5. Grunning (verb): The act of moving your arms faster to try and make your walk look like you’re running.

4. Ramseyfication (noun): The act of cursing in the kitchen like that British chef on TV.

3. Y-phone (noun): Usually spoken as a question after breaking the screen or dropping your phone into the commode.

2. Momscaping (verb): Getting the haircut your mom would prefer because you’re not ready to listen to her complain.

1. Darf (noun): Something wet that can’t be identified until the lights are on.