Haunts & Jaunts: The truth is out there

The truth is out there

Ghosts. Are they what we think they are?
Photo by Rick Hinton

   Paranormal groups entering into the ghost hunting arena have challenges ahead. It becomes a series of trial and error, checks and balances. Techniques can often be amateurish. The worst case scenario is the tendency to support a preconceived belief in ghosts, rather than striving to discover verifiable evidence while hosting a critical eye. Eventually these groups will purchase lots of equipment to aid them in their investigation of the unknown. Is it worth it?

   Photograph and filming can be manipulated to portray something not there. Or, the investigator can themselves be manipulated unintentionally by interpreting ‘something’ resulting from equipment flaws or the environment. Audio recordings—Electronic Voice Phenomena—can have natural explanations: the rustling of clothing, whispers, the clearing of throats, traffic or other investigators stumbling about in the dark. They can also be affected by stray radio frequencies, or magnetic or digital interference.

   What continues to nag me after all these years is, if ghosts actually exist and are detected or recorded using this vast array of equipment, shouldn’t we have more evidence or revelation about the existence of those departed? Evidence that would hit the scientific journals, and not just the National Enquirer? We still do not… only theories. Theories are based on assumptions, and there are a boatload of assumptions out there in paranormal land!

   I have been a paranormal investigator for many years, yet I sit on the fence with a leg on each side of the debate. On any particular day, it depends how I’m feeling. As my friend and writer Alan Hunter states, “I am para-normally challenged.” I am also, and these are challenging days! What do I believe?

   I have experienced ‘things’ over the years I cannot readily explain (visual, audio, group reactions to shared encounters). I am not on any medication. It is not My mind creating a situation that others also experience. I strongly feel no psychic projection of my mind drawing teammates into a common experience. I don’t have those skills! I’ve been accused by an Indianapolis hack medium of being a ‘psychic vampire.’ I this find hilarious, yet have no idea of what that is? She doesn’t know me or anything about me. Does it mean I draw spooks in  upon my unsuspecting co-workers?

   One common recurring thread is that of deception stated in the Bible. This is what’s currently firing my cylinders! What if… it’s not the spirit of great Aunt Edna or lovable Uncle Henry? Or for a personal  matter, the spirit of my mother in our house in Kentucky? What if, it is completely something else?

   Be safe out there!