Franklin Township chef/writer publishes latest horror novel

By Amy Moshier

Sometimes, different skill sets lead some people to stay involved with two occupations that seem very diverse. This is the case with author/chef and Franklin Township resident Clint Smith, who writes successful horror books and is an equally talented chef.

“This year marks my 17th year as a culinary arts instructor with a local career-technical high school in Johnson County,” said Smith. He is also an instructor for Mass Ave-based bed and breakfast Nestle Inn in downtown Indianapolis.

His most recent book, The Skeleton Melodies is garnering a lot of positive press and feedback. Smith is thrilled to have received a very good review from highly-regarded Publishers Weekly. “I’m ecstatic that a starred review of The Skeleton Melodies has been posted,” he said.

Clint Smith is a local culinary arts instructor. (Submitted photos)

The review was very positive, stating: “This superior volume with 13 horror stories should give Smith the wider audience he merits. Fully-realized characters and evocative prose distinguish the 13 horror tales in Smith’s outstanding second collection.”

Skeletons Melodies … the conversation (about the review) covers my occupation in a culinary vocation, a bit of my writing background and the relationship between the craftmanship of cooking and the disciplines of storytelling,” said Smith, 48, who has two children: Jackson, 15, an Everly, 10. “The themes in The Skeleton Melodies include a lot of reflection about being a father and a husband. Those are things that were on my mind during the creation of the stories.”

Several known authors offered reviews or comments, including Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will. “Clint Smith’s engaging stories have the verve and energy of classic pulp horror,” Chaon said.

The Skeleton Melodies is Smith’s latest horror novel.

John Langan, author of Children of the Fang, said: “With these stories, Smith solidifies and extends his first collection, and leaves us eager for another.”

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