Former Greenwood council member pleads guilty to voyeurism

By Nancy Price

Former Greenwood City Council member Brent Corey has reported to jail after pleading guilty to guilty to charges of voyeurism.

Corey, who served 10 years on the council, reported jail on Feb. 15. He was sentenced to two three-day weekends in jail followed by a year of probation and counseling. Corey also was ordered to pay $185 in court fees.

Prosecutors charged Corey in connections with videos found on a shared computer at Sizemore Insurance Company, which he owned up until August 2018.

Corey resigned from Greenwood City Council several days before selling Sizemore Insurance to Walker Hughes Investment Group.

The videos, created in June 2016, showed several women filmed nude or partially nude unknowingly while they were changing clothes and using the bathroom at Corey’s lake home.

One of the victims discovered the videos in May 2018 as she was searching for client files.

The investigation was handled by Indiana State Police, due to a conflict of interest as Corey was a city official at that time. Investigators discovered more than 20,000 photos and videos, and documents showed that 149 pictures and 41 movies had been deleted.