Easter crafts for a ‘hoppy’ holiday week

By Angie Norris

Easter is all about bunnies, colored eggs, lots of chocolate and candy and family time. Your entire family can get the holiday spirit hopping with the following crafts leading up to Easter Sunday.

Coloring Easter eggs

There are many ways to color Easter eggs. Try filling a disposable foil pan with shaving cream or whip cream, add drops of food coloring to the shaving cream and swirl it around, then roll the egg into the
colors. Let the egg sit for about 30 minutes and wipe it off with a paper towel. The finished egg will have a marbled look. The traditional coloring kits are always a hit and have easy-to-follow instructions. A fun addition to that method is to use a white crayon to add designs, or words before dying the eggs. The wax from the crayon will bleed through the dye to leave the pattern that you drew showing after dyed. Each family member can claim their own egg and write their name on it so the “Easter Bunny” can put that egg in the right child’s basket.

Children have several ways they can color Easter eggs. (Photos by Angie Norris)

Decorating Easter baskets

Kids love decorating their own Easter baskets and can use them as keepsakes to reuse every year. You can personalize the baskets with felt letters, bunnies, or chicks to add on the side. Decorate with
faux grass or flowers. Or even add ribbon, stuffed animals and glitter.

Paper crafts

A fun way to be creative and make your home festive is to make paper crafts. Cut out egg shapes of all sizes and color them with all sorts of designs. Make paper bunnies out of paper plates and cotton balls.
Or even have the kids build tiny baskets with popsicle sticks and decorate them as gifts for family members.

Kids love decorating Easter baskets.

Outside fun

Hanging plastic colored Easter eggs to your front yard trees or bushes is fun for the kids and spreads Easter cheer. Just string yarn or twine through a hole at the end of the plastic egg and tie a knot inside, then tie it on to the tree. The Easter Bunny just might fill the eggs with jelly beans or prizes
for a fun outside Easter surprise. Have the kids color paw prints in chalk on the sidewalk or porch so the Easter Bunny hops in the right direction. Or even “plant” jelly beans in the front yard the night before Easter, to “grow” lollipops on Easter morning.

From egg decorating to paper bunnies, Easter crafts are perfect for any age. Many of these can also be used as festive decorations to make your Easter special. Your home is sure to look like the Easter Bunny
will “hop” in.