Your earth suit: God incarnate as man

By Wendell Fowler

“We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.” 

–       Carl Sagan

We are the universe, stardust; a vibrating soulular orb of energy of white light having an earthly experience. The vehicle for our eternal spirit as we journey through life in this earthly realm. We are stewards of our precious earth suit which is comprised of elements that came from the sun and earth.

The more we learn about our earth suit / holy temple, the more we discover just how intricately designed it is — with features infinitely more elaborate than those of a super-computer or skyscraper. Our earth suit’s intricate engineering surpasses virtually everything else. Even the finest scientists and engineers can’t come close to replicating its mechanics, breathtaking beauty, efficiency and complexity. Clearly, all life is the result of an intelligent, giving and creative mind light years beyond the scope of human understanding.

Did you ever realize how much your earth suit loves you? I mean, it’s always trying to keep you alive. That’s all it lives for. Your earth suit makes sure you breathe while you sleep, stop cuts from bleeding, fixes broken bones and finds ways to beat illnesses with the requisite plant foods your cells need. Precious as it is, your earth suit is also an impermeant, disposable vehicle subject to vitamin deficiencies, mental and physical, disease, aging and death.

There is a profound symbiotic relationship between body and spirit. The earth suit is a wonderful gift we use to gain knowledge, experience and overall enlightenment. Each cell contains the secrets to the universe you seek. The truth’s Christ and teachers of love and compassion said would set us free. Our potential for interaction, love and compassion with all human entities is immense.

We are the earth that gives us elements of life: satellite dishes to divinity. If your earth suit is less than whole from a diet of dead, lifeless foods… connectivity to the divine is weakened, plus it’s blasphemous to abuse our most precious gift of life.

As a gift to yourself, do your spirit-self a favor. Take loving care of your earth suit and become more you: embody your aliveness. Exist in love and light, take care of others and cherish each breath. Your earth suit loves you so much. It’s time to begin loving it back and become the beautiful stardust being that you are.


Chef Wendell is a lecturer and food journalist. Contact him at