Yes, my house in Kentucky is still haunted – and the ghost may be confused

By Rick Hinton

An article from 2016 and a forthcoming book, Roads Well Traveled.

It is 2016, and the paranormal continues its mysterious journey. When it happens to someone else, that is one thing. However, when it becomes personal, then that’s a different story. …

I have written in the past about my deceased mother’s house in southern Kentucky. There were strange things afoot there in the last few years of her life I have no explanation for other than the place is truly haunted. The house is now mine and I intend to retire there some day. But there are certainly issues.

During the last three years of my mother’s life she was bedridden. My sister-in-law, Lyn, moved from Florida to become her full-time caregiver. Throughout her stay she reported paranormal activity in the house, and essentially surrounding my mom with it, ramping up several notches during the last few months of her life; it seemed – with “seemed” being the key word – to fade away after her passing in the sunroom in the back section of the house. Yet, apparently it only retreated into the shadows to hide. It’s back!

The house in Kentucky. (Photos by Rick Hinton)

My wife and I have let a friend, Jennifer, and her 15-year-old son, stay in the house until her apartment is ready in nearby Jamestown sometime in late spring. We only asked that she pay the utilities during that time. She agreed. We also warned her that it might be a tad on the haunted side. That was OK with her; she had watched the ghost shows on television and was intrigued. However, now, she is presently not a happy camper about it all.

Recently while watching TV in the living room she heard shuffling noises from one of the back bedrooms. The bed frame in this room makes a very distinctive sound when the mattress is depressed. It was making that sound! Jennifer, being nobody’s fool, called her aunts to come over – and now! Aunt Tawana came clutching her Bible. They listened to the noise, prayed and finally worked up the courage to fling open the bedroom door. They found the bed’s sheets and blanket in complete disarray and on the floor. The bed had been made prior. They quickly remade the bed, turned out the light and retreated back into the sanctuary of the living room. They prayed some more.

A bedroom ghost?

Jennifer will not go into the sunroom and keeps the door closed.

My wife, Laura and I have noticed some strange quirks during our weekends there. It’s the same stuff that Jennifer continues to endure: the sound of footsteps, doors opening and closing, doorknobs jiggling, lights turning on and off and a persistent feeling of being watched at all times. My cousin Wade believes the house sits on land that encompasses a portal. It would appear that whatever is there possesses a degree of intelligence, of a physical nature, and has a sense of humor.

In the fall I had left my cell phone at the house while we did a day trip. When we returned, I found it hanging by its holder strap on the doorknob leading out to the garage. I couldn’t have done that even accidentally! Opening doors, turning doorknobs, messing up beds, moving cell phones – that’s a physical thing. Maybe it’s confused as to the present occupant of the house? Yep … quite possibly. And maybe I need to return and have a firm talk. If you play nice, we can get along. If not, there are consequences. The ball is in your court.

The sunroom, formerly a hospital room.

Sounds like a plan!