Will you please bless the food?

By Wendell Fowler

Every food you eat in its pure raw form, the way it organically exists in nature, contains the energy of the sun, moon, wind and rain. Earth is your body. Your body connects with earth that sustains all life and provides everything we need. Do you voice gratitude for this miracle?

The dinner table is an altar of gratitude. Saying a simple, sincere prayer of thanks before a meal can be an excellent way to practice gratitude, center yourself and raise your food’s vibe. God makes food for the birds but doesn’t hand feed them. We must co-create our health with a giving mother nature, not a board of directors and a factory.

When I began eating plant-based foods, not only did my health vastly improve but I felt more connected to my inner, higher self. Focus and clarity improved as my vibe continued rising. Wonderous, miraculous experiences began entering my life. I also perceive more of what my guardian angels whisper as I silently pray and meditate.

When we eat a piece of food and absorb that food’s energy into our temple’s cells as God designed, we are purified and create greater harmony with mind, body and spirit. Therefore, we should offer prayers of infinite gratitude for earth’s healing, restoring and bountiful apothecary of plant medicines.

The quality of nourishment directly influences the quality of overall wellbeing, aliveness and connectivity to divinity. When we eat low-energy, chemically-processed dead junk foods and GMO produce, we receive ‘0” vitamin energy; hence, well-being and connectivity to the universal flows are weakened. Microwaving, frying, canning and dehydrating significantly reduce foods’ energy, by the way.

Do you bless your food with sincerity? We know there’s power in prayer. Quantum physics proves blessing food can affect changes in peoples’ physiological readiness for eating and causes changes to the structure and energy state of the food itself. But the compulsory, sing-song recitation of “God is great. God is good. Let us thank him for this food…”  is lacking.

An exquisite way of expressing gratitude and blessing the food you’re about to eat is to begin by bowing your head with palms faced upwards, inhale a deep, calming breath, exhale and then mindfully give thanks while focusing on your words. In your mind’s eye, shine the light that you are onto your meal. However, if you thank God for the Brussels sprout, he’ll know you’re lying.