Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home


Beech Grove Senior Center members get competitive during friendly Wii Bowling tournament

Lots of clapping, cheering, teasing and victory dances take place at Beech Grove Senior Citizen Center, 602 Main St., Beech Grove, when their Wii bowling tournament is taking place. A friendly competition, the center’s fourth 12-week tournament began Jan. 14.

“It’s been an ongoing, addictive, fun game for them,” said Stephanie Sauers. “They don’t even realize how much exercise they’re getting.”

When the center received a Wii gaming system eight months ago, Stephanie Sauers said at first, no one very seemed interested. Sauers and director, Carla Marchbanks, decided to go out and demonstrate how the game works. From there, she says members became enthusiastic about playing.

Marjorie Rice

“It just kind of fascinates me that I had never done this before and I really like it once I got started,” said Marjorie Rice, participant. “It’s the fellowship; we have a lot of fun.”

Four teams of four compete each Tuesday until the tournament is completed. At the end, the winning team receives a trophy, which is passed around after every event, and this time they will receive brunch.  Carol Ball, participant, says the senior center has been a great  place for fun events such as the Wii bowling tournament, and she hopes to see more people interested in competing.

“You have good people like this supporting each other,” Ball said. “This is the only thing I know what really gets everybody going. We’ve had clappers. We’ll set up little mascots. We really get into the game.”

Many members, such as Barbara Comings, had never heard of the game before and were hesitant to try it. Once she did, Comings says she has found it enjoyable to spend the time with the other players, cheering them on.

“Regular bowling, I’m not good at,” Comings said. “But I can do this. It’s been fun. I enjoy it. I enjoy helping people, making them laugh. We encourage everybody to play no matter how they do.”

Any senior over 60 is welcome to the center, and to play in the tournaments. For more information on the center, visit beechgrove.com or call (317) 788-4977.