Why does one get out of the paranormal?

By Rick Hinton

Why does one get out of the paranormal field? It’s a decision of choice or out of necessity, yet at the end of the day, one concerning the “darkness” involved. It’s a no-brainier. Stephen Edwards made the decision to move into another area of interest. One from his past and much safer in the long run. The paranormal – as portrayed in television, books and movies – is one thing, often rambling gibberish at best. Reality is quite another animal!

Group photo of the NCP investigation at Scott County. Steve Edwards is on the bottom right on the stairs, with the author and Laura just above him.

Steve’s had a long history with ghosts and such (starting in his childhood, much like mine) and made an imprint on the paranormal community. He led one of the premier investigative groups in Indiana, NCP (North Central Paranormal), attempting to explain the “unknown” in northern Indiana. Subsequent groups evolved, including SCP (South Central Paranormal) in which I and my wife Laura were involved. Laura is and continues to be a hotbed of intuitive power that can make daily life “interesting.” I wouldn’t change it for the world! As with Laura Palmer in the 1990s series Twin Peaks – my favorite show of all time – my wife has “secrets.” Many times, these came out on our paranormal investigations; a few of these being with Steve and NCP. Some were with SCP and explorations on the south side of Indianapolis and southern Indiana. Many experiences yet to come are here in this area we call home, including our own house. We’ve backed away from the ghostly weekends of spiritual amusement parks (including a drain of my wallet, travel and fatigue) however, NCP, SCP and Steve are no more. Honestly… I don’t miss it! Yet the journey in many ways, shapes and forms, continues.

The exterior of the Scott County Home/Museum on an NCP investigation. It was an interesting investigation! (Photos by Rick Hinton)

I began my paranormal journey with Steve Edwards and NCP after a difficult breakup of my own group. I pleaded my worthiness. He took me in as a brother in arms. We investigated together. We tested theories as a group. We learned from our mistakes. He accepted Laura with open arms. We became family! Steve and I share a common interest – arriving at the truth! Did we in our time together? Would we ever if we had continued? Or for that matter, any paranormal group coming along after us seeking evidence of the unknown? I don’t think so! It’s a continuing puzzle that’s baffled ghost seekers for multiple generations and will for the years ahead. It’s the way it is! I started my education with Steve (I feel), and in many ways ended with him as events turned into a different direction.

There would be no more ghost investigations for Steve Edwards. It’d turned dark. He has his reasoning and stories. Years of paranormal investigations revealed one conclusion: it was time to get out! Is there a life after the paranormal for him? One of some semblance of sanity and peace? Yes, there is. One he found his way back to from years ago. It was his art…