Why are were here?

By Wendell Fowler

Life is a divine gift. The odds of you being born are about one-in-400 trillion. So, congratulations. You’ve beat staggering odds and performed a miracle by just being born. For myself, I cannot accept the fairytale that we’re born, go to school, work our asses off, create debt, pay taxes, fuss, judge and then die.

I believe we’re here to bring consciousness into every aspect of our life, to promote the flourishing of life mentioned in Genesis 12:30. To discover our purpose, to connect with divinity and stay in the flow, to preform acts of ‘metta’ (loving kindness) and compassion and justice for all, to keep our vibe high, to destroy the ego, to suffer, to learn, to love, to let our light shine brightly into the darkness and to be a healthy cell in the body of the whole. We are the universe in human form and so we possess and can tap into the knowledge of the infinite universe. What a brilliant miracle!

Ancient wisdom tells us that we’re also caretakers of the earth and our temple: an astounding opportunity to create a better world for all beings; to take control of our lives, as planets, stars and moons have control of their own existence.

Throughout my past experiences, I have noticed situations and people have entered my life that have taught me lessons that fertilized my growth. I offer the classic book, “The Celestine Prophecy”: that everyone who crosses our path has a message for us.

Everything happens for a reason because we willed it that way. I don’t believe in coincidence. We co-create our reality with each bite of food, breath, word and thought. Negative thoughts begat negative outcomes and vice-versa.

Point is, without a healthy temple nothing can be achieved. Hence, eating living, fresh energetic foods our cells and DNA understand is our key to understanding why we’re on earth.

Eating the modern American diet is a divorce from God. Eating close to earth keeps us connected, rooted and grounded within the divine body of which you are a part. And food is the empowering foundation of all life. We die a little bit each time we eat junk, processed and dead machine cuisine.

To reach our highest self, we must make wise decisions, control or destroy and be our own worst enemy or best friend. What you are is the result of your efforts, not what someone else made you to be.