Weekly Movie Review: The Mummy

The Mummy; it should’ve stayed under wraps

Movies, due to the large amount of resources they require in order to complete, are expensive undertakings.  An inordinate amount of time, copious money and a large and well-trained cast and crew are all necessary ingredients. However, with as many films as Hollywood produces, a lot of movies won’t bring in the money it took to make them. Films that do perform that poorly at the box office are then lovingly referred to as “flops.” They happen multiple times a year and this weekend saw the release of a film that could be one of the biggest flops of 2017.

The Mummy is the story of two U.S. soldiers/archaeologists, Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and Chris Vail, battling insurgents in Iraq. They are in search of, you guessed it, a vast undiscovered fortune. Fortunately, for our two protagonists they literally fall into the Egyptian tomb of Ahmanet. Nick, refusing to listen to orders, unearths the ancient tomb and with it, an evil curse. After simply looking at the tomb, Nick is under the evil curse and begins seeing things he cannot explain. This is where things start to get really bad for everyone involved.

After losing out on being the queen of Egypt, Ahmanet decides to exact revenge on her entire family, killing her father and her infant brother. As punishment for her abhorrent deeds, Ahmanent is encased in the tomb, alive. However, before is essentially buried alive, she makes a deal with the God of Death. Now, alive, out of the tomb and still a bit perturbed, Ahmanent is looking to unleash evil upon the entire world with the help of Nick.

To put it bluntly, the writing on display in The Mummy is awful. The story as a whole is not bad, but the execution is pathetic. Plot holes abound in the film. Characters suddenly bizarrely know things they didn’t just one scene before and without explanation. The film jumps from character to character and from place to place without any reason and the timeline doesn’t make any more sense. For instance, the characters take off in a plane in Iraq and seemingly seconds later, crash in England.

There are also a number of attempts at dark humor throughout the film. Much like the rest of the film, it does not work. Instead, it’s cringe worthy and embarrassing. Additionally, the characters are either boring, unlikable, not fully fleshed out or all three.

There are not many bright spots in The Mummy. It’s poorly written, directed and one of the worst films of the year. The Mummy should’ve stayed under wraps. 1.5 out of 5.