Weekly Movie Review: Justice League

Justice League: Fun, action-packed film

As profitable as the Marvel films have been, DC Comics haven’t experienced the same level of box office success. It’s essentially a guarantee that whenever any film with the Marvel logo opens in theaters, it’s going to be No. 1 that weekend and will likely stay there for several weeks. On the other hand, DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, were big letdowns both critically and in terms of ticket sales. However, the tide may be turning for DC This year’s Wonder Woman was likely the biggest surprise of the year so far. With DC’s latest release, will they keep the momentum from Wonder Woman going or falter once again?

Justice League brings together arguably DC’s most popular characters. Following the death of Superman, things have gotten even worse in Gotham City. Grotesque creatures begin terrorizing the citizens of Gotham. Acting as protector of the city, Batman steps in, but things are far worse than he ever expected.

He soon realizes this job is too big for him and begins putting together a team. After spending a lot of effort in recruiting, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Caped Crusader join forces. The team of superheroes is soon battling an ancient, mythical being with out of this world power that is dead set on destroying the world. To make matters worse, the one individual who might give the Justice League a fighting chance remains six feet underground.

Justice League is a film that is action packed from the moment it begins until the closing credits being to scroll. This is both good and bad. It’s great because it fits a ton of story in two hours, never allowing for anything resembling a lull. You stay locked in and interested the entire two-hour runtime. However, it’s a problem much for the same reason. Except for Batman and Wonder Woman, the film introduces several characters that we haven’t seen yet. As such, it often feels like these other characters and their origin stories don’t receive the proper time and attention.

Additionally, while the writing manages to keep you engaged throughout, there are some issues. The most noticeable flaw comes from the comedic elements the film implements. The Flash, being the youngest of the group, delivers one line after another that is meant to be witty, clever and funny. The problem is that it’s often not, but instead feels very, very forced.

Justice League is a fun, action-packed film and a strong follow up to Wonder Woman. 4 out of 5.