Weekly Movie Review: Girls Trip

Girls Trip: Save your money, don’t take this journey

24 hours. That’s all the time any of us have in any given day, not a second more and not a second less. Despite our best efforts, there is nothing we can do that will add a single, solitary minute to our day. In a world full of obligations and commitments, adding time would be a beneficial and likely profitable ability. While there are just some things we must do, others things, like spending time with friends and family, can get squeezed out. One new film takes a comedic look at attempting to reconnect with those who can often get left out when life becomes hectic.

Girls Trip is the story of four college friends who, due to obligations and schedules, have drifted apart. Life has taken each in a decidedly different direction. However, in an attempt to reconnect, the four women, who refer to themselves as “the flossy posse,” head to New Orleans for a weekend of fun, laughter and debauchery.

From their first moments back together, it’s obvious that all four women still remain friends. However, one of the women, Ryan, has achieved both fame and fortune as a media mogul, with what appears to be the perfect marriage. Ryan’s success has caused some deeply concealed jealousy among the group. Those issues, along with some other previously unspoken problems among the tight knit group of friends, finally bubble to the surface.

Girls Trip is a comedy or at least it goes to great pains to prove to its audience that it is one. Unfortunately, very little of the film is actually funny. There are maybe one or two laughs throughout the film’s nearly two-hour runtime. Instead, all of the comedic material is entirely forced or can be seen coming a mile away. The filmmakers seem to subscribe to the idea that the louder the characters are, the funnier the joke. One character in particular is unbearably loud, obnoxious and dumb.

When the film is not trying and then failing miserably to be comical, the dramatic material is quite good. However, at that point, it’s simply a matter of too little, too late. Additionally, Regina Hall and Queen Latifah, who are essentially the main characters, are also both very good. But it’s not enough to overcome all the preceding material.

Girls Trip, while not a total and complete loss, is still pretty close to one. It’s not funny in the slightest, the story is strikingly weak and several of the characters are painfully annoying. Save your money, stay at home and don’t take this journey. 1.5 out of 5.