Weekly Movie Review: American Assassin

American Assassin; Embarrassingly cliché and unoriginal

Politics and its often divisive, polarizing nature is something that’s hard to escape in today’s world. Thanks to the invention of 24-hour news, political matters of the day are often discussed to death in order to both fill time and increase ratings. Likewise, the subject of terrorism is another one that’s not easily avoidable. Whether international or domestic, the images of a deadly incident are likely to get an endless amount of airtime on the news in the days, weeks that follow. One new film prominently features this deadly world of international, domestic terrorism and characters fighting it.

American Assassin is the story of Mitch Rapp, a 20-something whose entire world is rocked by international terrorism. His fiancée is brutally murdered literally seconds after popping the question. In the months that follow, Mitch has turned into an angry and isolated young man solely focused on exacting revenge on those who murdered his fiancée. Thanks to his single-mindedness, combined with inventiveness and a disregard for his own personal safety, Mitch soon finds himself near some of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Due to his intellect, superior physical abilities and insane drive, Mitch is recruited to become apart of a member of an elite group of the CIA led by Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton).

Following his intense, physically and mentally draining workout regimen, Mitch is in the field facing life or death situations. Mitch and his team are hot on the trail of some known international terrorists who are looking to get their hands on a nuclear bomb. Dead bodies begin piling up and bullets fly at a rapidly increasing pace as Mitch and Stan race against the clock to prevent the destruction of the world. What they ultimately find however is something neither of them ever anticipated.

While reading the above plot summary of American Assassin, you may have thought it sound strangely familiar, and you’d most definitely be correct. The storyline of American Assassin is nothing more than a terrible mixture of every other spy/action/thriller film ever made, ever. The plot brings absolutely nothing new or remotely original to the table. The story is chock-full of clichés. Nearly every single twist or turn is either telegraphed or completely predictable.

In addition to the film’s total lack of originality, the story only gets more and more ridiculous as it progresses. The poorly-written characters continually make stupid choices that just add to the ridiculousness of the film.

American Assassin is a film you really want to like, but its dumb, unoriginal story and characters keep you from warming up to it. 2 out of 5.