Weekly Movie Review: It

It: Genuinely creepy and chilling

Fear, terror or at least the impression that our very existence hangs in the balance is a sentiment a wide swath of the population craves. How else could one explain the continual popularity of bunging jumping, roller coasters and skydiving? Simply put, people enjoy a good scare and the accompanying adrenaline rush every now and then. One of the more common ways of fulfilling this need of fear and terror are through horror films. One new film is likely to have audiences flocking to it in anticipation of encountering a good scare…or two or three.

It is a film based upon the classic Stephen King book of the same name. The film, set in the 80s, is the story of a creepy, demonic clown that literally feasts on a town’s poor, unfortunate children. After a number of the town’s children turn up missing, a ragtag group of children set out to find out what is behind the series of disappearances. Over the course of their investigation, each of the children experience strange, seemingly supernatural occurrences that would have weaker-willed individuals questioning their sanity, running in the other direction or both. However, what they eventually discover is something much, much worse than any of them could have ever imagined.

As far as the story goes, It is a genuinely scary tale of children confronting a creepy clown and their own fears in the process. It is more of a psychological horror film as it relies on jump scares and its eerie, unsettling atmosphere than on gore. However, while the story is a beloved horror classic written by a master of all things weird and unsettling, It does drag a bit. Toward the later fourth of the film or so, it begins to feel as if the director is trying to fill time. The children’s search gets to a certain point where it doesn’t progress, so much so that it becomes a tad repetitive and boring. Also, because there are so many children in the group, a number of them are severely underdeveloped.

Despite the issues with the story and direction, the film does feature some strong and standout performances from its young cast. No matter how good the child actors are, It is Pennywise’s tale and the actor portraying the creepy clown delivers in a chilling and truly horrific performance.

It is not a story for everyone, especially those who dislike clowns, but for those who enjoy well-constructed horror films, they are sure to enjoy this one. Genuinely creepy and chilling. 4 out of 5.