Visions of ’16

Southside Pastor Jenkins publishes The New Prophetic Almanac for 2016

Pastor Bill Jenkins
Pastor Bill Jenkins

Each year Pastor Bill Jenkins of the Church of ACTS writes a book revolving around the prophetic vision for the new year. His recent book for 2016 is The New Prophetic Almanac.

“Every number, color, word, name, place or reference to time in the Bible has significance,” he writes. “It is put there for a reason. When we study to find the deeper meaning to these specific things it will help us to understand the true intent of God for a particular passage of scripture or story in the Word.”

He continues, “I want to focus in on the number sixteen and how I believe its references in the Bible lead us in revealing God’s perfect will for our lives in 2016. With 2016 being a leap year, it’s going to be unusual in many ways. It’s extremely important for us to walk in wisdom throughout this year to ensure the full blessing of God in our lives. The Lord spoke to me that understanding the importance of the number sixteen in scripture would connect us to knowing His expectations for us this year. There are 26 references to the number sixteen in the Bible with a majority of them being in the Old Testament.”

Jenkins writes, based on bible references of the number 16, the year 2016 will bring the building of stronger families, dominion (self-improvements), coming of age (maturity), and love.

“Allow God to develop in you the ability to walk in love towards even the unlovable,” he writes. “Rule yourself and gain dominion over the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that have kept you from experiencing the fullness of God. Come of age and mature by realizing everything is not about what you can get but what you can do for others. Focus in on your marriage and family because whatever you feed will grow and whatever you starve will die.  Leap into 2016, focus on the vision of God and success will be yours!”

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