What’s buzzin’?

Amy Norcross couldn’t have predicted the community support she has received at Victory Rolls and Baked Goods

From left, Laketa Mensah, Amy Norcross and Bonnie Judkins at Victory Rolls and Baked Goods.

Amy Norcross knew Victory Rolls and Baked Goods would be popular before she opened the bakery on Beech Grove Main Street, but she never expected the crowd that’s walked through the doors.

“I think Beech Grove was ready for a bakery,” Norcross said. “I think people are tired of prepackaged things. I think people like in a nostalgia of it, not only that it’s a 1940’s theme, but going into a bakery and getting something that someone made with their hands.”

Norcross, a Franklin Township resident, opened the bakery with a 1940s theme on Feb. 9.

“The theme is important,” she said. “I don’t like going into a place that considers themselves vintage or retro, but really they just bought a bunch of nostalgic stuff and threw it on a wall. The theme here, I want it to feel like you are actually going back in time. I want them to feel this is what a bakery would have looked like in the 40s. The radio is a 1942 Philco, the lighting fixtures were chosen because of the crosshatch glass which is really Art Deco, all the color palette is Art Deco which is 20s to 40s. In the war time, they would not have been getting new stuff, they would have been using old stuff… It should feel like you’re there, celebrating that time, not, I just really like it.”

Since opening day, the demand has been so high, the shop sold out of inventory on multiple occasions. Norcross said they make between four to six hundred donuts a day, pushing for 80 Victory Rolls (cinnamon rolls), a dozen bagels, 40 croissants, 10 dozen cookies and four rounds of keto, gluten-free, vegan and no sugar added items. The menu is rotational, with the bakers choosing to make different items listed in Norcross’ recipe book. Including Norcross, there are three staff members who have worked to bake all of the desserts, and they are hiring another.

“We’re at the upper range of what I can handle right now,” she said. “I realize we’ll slow down and when we do, we’ll be okay… I’m excited to settle into everything. I’m excited to keep hiring more people. It’s important to find the right people. It’s not just a job to me and I need anyone I hire to feel that way. I’m looking forward to everyone settling into their roles.”

Why did you open this business?

I had two restaurants and a catering company before and was the chief operating officer of an international bakery so I’ve done all of this in different avenues. It occurred to me last summer, there was no upward mobility or opportunity for growth where I was. I started to realized this is where I should be. I’m a super creative person and know my way around a pastry. From the time I decided to do a bakery, it was like someone gift wrapped an idea and put it in my head. I knew exactly what it would look like. It was bizarre, like a little 1940’s package placed in my head.

What did you do to prepare for opening your business?

I did a fair amount of market research. A big, hot button issue here is lot of people asked if I’ll be open on Sundays. But I’ve been here every Sunday for the last six months, and there’s no one on Main Street on Sundays. So, market research is the big thing.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

Someone with a great attitude who enjoys the theme as much as we do and likes a good pastry.

How do you plan to be successful?

Catering to groups that are not currently being served by other parts community: keto, gluten-free, no sugar added, vegan. But also, nothing that leaves here should be bad, ever, to make sure everything I have tastes good and the quality is consistent. I will never sell day-old anything.

What would we be surprised to learn about you or your company?

I love dogs. I love dogs more than most people. I have pup cakes behind the counter so if someone walks by with their dog, I give them a pup cake.

I am an old-fashioned person all the way – though that may not surprise people anymore. Technology is really super, but I think I’m a really old-fashioned person.