Torry’s Top Ten: Will Rogers Quotes #26

Top Ten recent quotes from Will Rogers (were he alive today) #26

by Torry Stiles

10. “Whether it’s doin’ rope tricks or ridin’ a bicycle backwards ya gotta make yourself happy doin’ it before you set out to make other folks happy watchin’ it.”

9. “That little Korean feller is quite the handful. He’s like the little yappy dog the old folks always kept around just to bark at everything and smell funny.”

8. “I’ve been thinkin’ about gettin’ me one of them smart phones but I gets skeered that it’ll make me look bad when folks ask me questions and it knows the answer better than I do. I already got a wife to do that for me.” 

7. “Ain’t enough horses any more. All the jackasses made us forget what horse sense is all about.”

6. “Lots of us don’t care if you’uns stand or sit for the Star Spangled Banner. We just don’t like knowin’ we had to pay to watch you.”

5. “Mama said I needed to say something nice about our president without gettin’ all smart-alecky…. Okay. …. Don’t rush me. …. Well. He ain’t afraid to speak his mind even if he’s not sure what he’s sayin’.”

4. “I used to enjoy tellin’ folks about makin’ those movin’ pictures with me ropin’ an’ ridin’ but after that ’50 Shades of Gray’ film it seems folks was gettin’ the wrong idea.”

3. “I won’t say he’s lazy but I will say that when it comes to doin’ nothin’ he’s an over-achiever.”

2. “A kind man knows the right words to say. A smart man knows when to shut up.”

1. “The people who complain about all the ‘drama’ in their life never seem to figure out that they’re the ones leadin’ it to their front door; lettin’ it in and feedin’ it so good ’til it don’t wanna leave.”