Torry’s Top Ten: Will Rogers Quotes #25

Top ten recent quotes from Will Rogers (were he alive today) #25 Silver Edition

by Torry Stiles

10. “Us Democrats are still ready to do what we can for the party – we just ain’t sure if the party knows what to have us do besides complain…. But some of us are awful good at that, too.”

9. “Sometimes I look for the milk o’ human kindness and I spot the jackass raisin’ nothin’ but Brahma bulls.”

8. “The new bosses in Washington have got quite a problem with tryin’ to get rid of that Obama care stuff. The old bosses spent so much time tellin’ us how much we wanted it in the first place that some folks came to believe they couldn’t do without it.”

7. “They tell me ya hardly had any winter in Indiana this year. That’s good ’cause y’all saved a lot of money on your heatin’ bills. That’s bad ’cause now they’ll have to raise your rates to make their money back.”

6. “One of the problems with electin’ the lesser of two evils is that, no matter what, you still get evil.”

5. “Looks like they’re gonna put more taxes on cigarettes again. That’s be fine but folks are quittin’ smokin’ all the time. That means they’re quittin’ payin’ taxes, too. Now, there’s a habit Congress don’t want to catch on.”

4. “My Indian family back in Oklahoma are thinkin’ their ancestors should’ve built a walk on the Atlantic coast a coupla’ hunnert years ago.”

3. “Our man in the White House can’t seem to stay off of his Twitterin’ an’ Tweetin’. We all like to know what our president is up to but even Mr. Roosevelt only needed to be on the radio once a week.”

2. “Those folks makin’ those lottery commercials sure make it look like you can’t help but have fun. The IRS oughta hire ’em an’ folks would be struttin’ an’ smilin’ to the mailbox every April 15th.”

1. “Folks today seem to want their news the same way they want their coffee: made the way they like it with nothin’ they don’t.”