Torry’s Top Ten: Top Ten bad answers to job interview questions

By Torry Stiles

10. “Can you bring anything positive to our company?” – “Several test results from the clinic.”

9. “Have you ever applied here before?” – “Not successfully.”

8. “What brings you here today?” – “ at’s my mom.”

7. “What was your title at your last job?” – “Usually they called me the problem.”

6. “Do you have a problem with tardiness?” – “Nope, I’m pretty good at it.”

5. “Any drug use we need to discuss?” – “Maybe. Which ones do you use?”

4. “Have you ever been bonded?” – “Oh, yeah. My old man bonded me out sev- eral times.”

3. “Why did you leave your previous place of employment?” – “I was following or- ders. ey told me to get out.”

2. “Why do you want this job?”- “You need a cashier and I need cheeseburgers.”

1. “Is there any legal reason you can’t work for us?”- “No, but plenty of illegal ones.”