Torry’s Top Ten: Signs racing season is upon us

Top ten signs that racing season is upon us

by Torry Stiles

10. You ask the folks at Kroger when they’ll put out the Track Packs.

9. The Dale Earnhart flags are flying.

8. It’s 2 a.m. and somewhere in the neighborhood a small-block Chevy is singing the song of its people.

7. Donald Davidson sighted downtown. News crews are scrambling to confirm.

6. There’s a fresh Danica poster in the loading dock’s Men’s room.

5. Your race fan uncle is haunting eBay trying to find some Red, White and Blue beer. He doesn’t care how skunked.

4. The liquor store is getting some new mirrors.

3. Your kid walks his bike to the racing neighbor’s garage to fill his tires with racing air.

2. It’s two months since Daytona and you’re no closer to figuring out how their new point system works.

1. You’ve spotted the first mullet of spring.