Torry’s Top Ten: Signs you might not be important

Top Ten signs that you might not be quite as important as you thought

by Torry Stiles

10. Clerks at the Nike store ask you not to wear their logo.

9. Your kids have replaced your picture in the family portrait with one of Tom Cruise.

8. The bank teller requests you put the complimentary pen back on the counter.

7. Waitresses all claim that you’re not in their section and that’s at McDonald’s.

6. Caller ID just says, “That guy.”

5. Your mom runs a credit check on you before letting you borrow her Tupperware.

4. You’ve made your high school alumni’s “In Memoriam” section three years in a row.

3. The nieces and nephews all call you “Uncle Who?”

2. The payroll people require you to show ID before they give you your check.

1. Your recent recovery from illness cost your spouse a $20 bet.