Torry’s Top Ten: Signs corporate is pulling the plug

Top ten signs corporate is pulling the plug on your store soon

by Torry Stiles

10. The employee bulletin board used to promote requests for donations to needy families. Now it tells you where to get free cheese and baby formula.

9. Manikins are for sale as are the shelves, lighting and shopping carts.

8. Signs offering the company credit card have been replaced with signs saying, “Cash only. Exact change appreciated.”

7. What used to be called “overtime” is now called, “free-will gifting.”

6. Every inquiry to the company Human Resources office is answered by a guy in Accounting stating, “Don’t worry about it.”

5. The store manager is saving boxes and asking about moving companies.

4. Google Maps claims they never heard of you.

3. The head office calls to let you know you won’t need those guys who unload the trucks.

2. All day long has been a parade of folks asking to meet the new owners.

1. The guys in the Food Court have started a pool and you’re in for $20.