Torry’s Top Ten: Reasons the school principal says he’ll be praying for you

Top ten reasons the school principal says he’ll be praying for you this school year

By Torry Stiles

  1. Little Jimmy is out on parole and you’re the only fourth grade teacher with military training. 
  2. After two years of CoVid and “home schooling” you have to remind the kids that “Paw Patrol” and “Pingu” are not accurate examples of animal behavior and therefore not appropriate topics for high school biology. 
  3. Your resource assistants include two interpreters for languages you’ve never heard of. 
  4. There are 17 kids in your class including  eight boys and three girls all named, “Jackson.”
  5. Little Jimmy is a biter and very wiry. They remind you that duck tape is not approved for child restraints and muzzling is not an option. 
  6. The school nurse has been notified to quarantine the kid in the second row at the first sign of a cough. But they can’t tell you why due to privacy rules. 
  7. They got the air conditioning working again… except in your room. 
  8. The school board has doubled the supply list for your class this year which means they’ve doubled the number of things they won’t be supplying this year. 
  9. Remember that mom who filed the lawsuit? You’ve got her youngest kid plus the one we held back last year. 
  10. According to school records Jimmy’s dad is a biter, too.