Torry’s Top Ten: Reasons to attend Virginia Ave. Folk Fest

Top ten reasons you need to go to the Virginia Avenue Folk Fest this Saturday

by Torry Stiles

10. Because there are bands with names like Achilles Tenderloin, Bluegill in the Slaw and Unicorn Derby. You know you want to go in to work on Monday and brag about seeing this stuff.

9. Food guaranteed to NOT be Super-sized, microwaved or packed in Styrofoam.

8. Not a single teeny-bopper boy band or karaoke wannabe in the line-up.

7. Uber and Lyft drivers love Fountain Square. Lots of Pokestops and slow traffic.

6. It’s like Broad Ripple but without the vomit.

5. With bands named Mighty Brother, Knot Brothers and Brother O’ Brother you know it must be good family entertainment… but with beer. …. Lots of beer.

4. Dress code is pretty lax. Cover up what you’re supposed to and try not to sag.

3. If you’ve ever wanted to find Bigfoot, the band Bigfoot Yancey plays at 5:45 and I think that counts.

2. There’s more than duckpin bowling and strange smells at the fountain.

1. Man buns and skinny jeans as far as the eye can see.