Torry’s Top Ten: Phrases to derail any company meeting

Top ten phrases guaranteed to derail any company meeting

by Torry Stiles

10. “Does anybody know anything about this watermelon in the drawer?”

9. “I never knew you could use ‘subpoena’ as a verb.”

8. “Ooooo. Donuts. Long’s? No? Oh jeez, I gotta run.”

7. “They’ve cancelled the management retreat in Honolulu and corporate will present a webcast of their conference there.”

6. “My son, Joe Jr., will be the new shift supervisor as soon as he finishes his orientation.”

5. “Nice room. Kind of cramped. Does this look infected to you?”

4. “Are any of the rest of you getting phone calls from the FBI?”

3. “We won’t have to put cameras in the break room if who-ever-it-is would stop peeing in the coffee carafes.”

2. “How much of what we say in here is what a jury would call actionable?”

1. “I think my water broke.”