Torry’s Top Ten: Not to say at the job interview

Top ten things not to say at the job interview

by Torry Stiles

10. “I parked a little crazy. Who’s car is that? Oh, sorry,dude. Don’t worry, I’ve got a cousin who took body shop in school. He can buff that out.”

9. “I know you. I used to date your daughter. She was hot.”

8. “Are you guys real sticklers about that whole ‘Be-here-on-time’ thing?”

7. “Is this a picture of your wife? Lovely. Did she used to dance at the Red Garter?”

6. “I see we can opt in to your insurance program and profit-sharing program. Is your attendance program optional?”

5. “What kind of felonies are deal breakers around here?”

4. “What name do you want me to use? My real one or the one on my ID?”

3. “When you order my company uniform can I get extra-wide cuffs to fit around my ankle bracelet?”

2. “How long do I have before the drug test and what, exactly, do you consider a failure?”

1. “Can I get an advance?”