Torry’s Top Ten: New Words

Top Ten new words we need in the dictionary #3

by Torry Stiles

10. Ticker cabinet – Place to keep your heart medicine.

9. Debtor’s prism – The translucent glass used in banks so you can’t be really sure if the manager is back there or not.

8. Textpert – That 13 year-old kid who can message 40 people in a minute while eating two Big Macs, fries and a milk shake.

7. Gentrifry – Telling dinner guests you sautĂ© their food instead of admitting you cooked it in butter.

6. Scalpulator – Mathematical device used to calculate the cost of a haircut.

5. Mailblocks- Cinder blocks placed around your wooden mailbox post after it gets knocked over for the third time.

4. Pewtorial – When the preacher has a few personal opinions to share.

3. Argumention – Bringing up the name of your significant other’s former romantic interests to derail a heated debate.

2. Cramberry – The mystery fruit pieces found in those fruit pies.

1. Dumpster Thriver – A person who gets rich off other people’s trash.