Torrys Top 10: Signs your kid is not adjusting well to school

By Torry Stiles

  1. While there is no official school mandate requiring it all the other kids stay at least six feet away from him at all times.
  2. His Student of the Week picture is from the bank security camera.
  3. She is no longer allowed to bring anything for Show and Tell after the bomb squad’s latest visit.
  4. Your kid is in charge of the class fundraiser and after a week there’s a new car in your driveway.
  5. His locker is featured on the evening news again.
  6. The Drivers Education classes were terminated after his demonstration of Figure-8 driving skills.
  7. The school nurse goes to her for advice and prescriptions.
  8. Won the student council election, got impeached the next week.
  9. The lunch lady sends you an email reiterating the school’s ban on alcoholic beverages.
  10. The principal just sent a check to cover tuition at the private school across town.