By Torry Stiles

 10. When you know it’s going to rain, you don’t worry as much about picking up after your dogs when they do their ” business”.

9.  Kids these days don’t know the song, “Raindrops Keep Falling in my Head”. That saddens me so I make sure to sing it at every opportunity.

8.  When it’s pouring down rain the pizza delivery guy doesn’t want to hear about your great coupons.

7.  I always try to make sure it looks like an accident when I splash a puddle all over a pedestrian… especially when I drive around the block just to make a second pass.

6.   Holding an umbrella for your dog is easier than getting out the carpet cleaner.

5.   People who like playing in the mud are rarely the ones who have to do the laundry.

4.   I tried to feel sorry for folks at the Brickyard but I couldn’t. Of course, I spent the weekend at the Speedrome watching it rain, but that’s different.

3.  Saturday morning cartoons suck these days. 

2.  Hallmark Channel movies are a depressing parade of beautiful rich people learning valuable life lessons while remaining rich and beautiful.

1.  Beer tastes better when it’s sunny. But I’m no quitter: I still drink it.