Top Ten signs your kid is the problem

By Torry Stiles

10. He’s been banned from Tee Ball for foul language.

9. She taught Grandma how to make a killer margarita.

8. He’s not as smart as you thought; the teachers have been giving him good grades to make sure he doesn’t repeat the class.

7. She was the first junior high cheerleader to get hit with a 10-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

6. Your kid is the one everyone calls when they’ve locked their keys in their car.

5. You can’t participate in “Bring your Daughter to Work Day” again because the guys at the loading dock complained about her cussing.

4. The school counselor is recommending a good exorcist.

3. He’s already on the “Barred List” at four taverns and he’s only in the seventh grade.

2. She was booted out of Scouts for telling the other girls how NOT to get pregnant.

1. His picture is posted on all the walls at the Disney World security office.