Top ten recent Will Rogers quotes (were he alive today) No. 32

By Torry Stiles

10. “Didja ever notice that when somebody says they’ll “circle back” to something they usually make a beeline in the other direction?”

8. “I never met a man I didn’t like. That don’t mean I don’t wanna dot his eye every time he opens his mouth, though.”

7. “What makes a good man don’t always make a good politician.”

6. “The editor tells me I can’t use the name of that big football game they’re having in a few weeks. Seems I can pretty much say a lot of words that would make a sailor blush but if I put ‘super’ and ‘bowl’ together then Mama’s cuttin’ a switch.”

5. “I heard the newsman try to tell me that this is just temporary inflation. Temporary. The only temporary thing to come outta Washington is tax cuts. Those never last long.”

4. “Let a smile be your umbrella is a nice thing to say until it starts raining.”

3. “So many folks runnin’ in and out with these masks on how’re we supposed to know which ones are the gangsters anymore?”

2. “Sometimes folks treat a government job like it’s a throne. They don’t wanna give up their seat. They need to treat more like an outhouse. Just do your business and get out.”

1.“If a fella was named “The Other Guy” he could run for any office in the land and win in a landslide.”