Top ten reasons you need to toss a bone to the Southside Animal Shelter

By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers- I don’t do this very often but our friends at the Southside Animal Shelter, 1614 West Edgewood, Indy 46217, need a little kibble thrown their way. They do great work for our furry friends all year round.)

  1. Pet adoptions are done onsite. At night the animals get together and sing songs from, “Annie.”
  2. If you are afraid of mice it’s a great place to visit. 
  3. Free licks with every visit, just not from the staff. 
  4. Every animal comes with shots and birth control. Kind of like the rules for sending your kid to college. 
  5. Go to their place on West Edgewood. It’s the only cathouse you can visit without worrying about a police raid. 
  6. No animals were harmed in the making of this list. 
  7. They got a website at Which is kind of like an OnlyFans for cat and dog lovers. 
  8. Kibble don’t fetch itself. They take donations of food, cleaning supplies and good ol’ cash. 
  9. Tootie the chi-weenie just had an emergency caesarean section and delivered four pups. Never in the history of western civilization has that sentence been written. Southside Animal Shelter made it happen. 
  10. You can adopt young pups and senior dogs. Try doing that with people and the cops drag you out of the nursing home.