Top Ten quotes I could’ve sworn I heard from Rick Myers

By Torry Stiles

10. “I run a clean paper. That Top Ten guy better not say, ‘poop’ again.”
9. “Stop the presses! They’re no longer frying the chicken nuggets at the schools, they’re baking them.”
8. “Let’s do a story about Homecroft. Who’s the mayor there this week?”
7. “Can we run another story about the MCL Cafeteria? They gave me free pie after the last one.”
6. “Do you suppose if I asked Greg Bastin he could get us some pictures of Spiderman?”
5. “Does the Beech Grove mayor like us yet?”
4. “Okay, we’ll include Center Grove but I draw the line at Camby. Too close to Mooresville. Scary place.”
3. “Where’s Ruckle? I need some coupons for a coconut cream pie.”
2. “If the Spotlight scoops us on this chicken nugget story then heads will roll!”
1. “I only took this job because I thought I’d get one of those Superman watches like Jimmy Olsen has.”