By Torry Stiles

10. “I never read those list thingies in the papers. Too much math for this ol’ cowboy.

9. “Sometimes a fella just wants coffee that tastes like coffee. If I want it to taste like a pumpkin I would go to the store and buy me a pumpkin.”

8. “What with the internet and all we’re almost at the point where the truth can travel as fast as a rumor.”

7. “I know a senator who says he’s a man of the people. I just wish we knew who his people were.”

6. “They’re called ‘sitting congressmen’ because they never seem to stand for anything.”

5. “Mr. Trump may know the ‘Art of the Deal’ but sometimes he needs to learn the ‘Art of Keeping Your Trap Shut.'”

4. “Seems like nobody talks to anybody any more unless it’s on their phones. An’ even then they don’t talk they just send pictures back and forth. If the power ever goes out, we’ll all be speechless.”

3. “It just amazes me how a couple of senators who have been in Washington for over 20 years can blame everything on a fella who just got there three years ago.”

2. “Some days your mother and your dog are the only ones you can trust … and other days I’m not so sure about Mom.”

1. “The more I see of politicians the less I want to see of politics.”