Top 10 Valentine’s Day mistakes for 2022

By Torry Stiles

10. Fancy lingerie is a nice surprise; just don’t try it on first next time.

9.  “Wine and flowers” does not mean Richards Wild Irish Rose.

8.  Perhaps that was the wrong time to talk about what your last boyfriend got you.

7. His and hers matching COVID tests? Bad idea.

6. Never tell her how much she reminds you of Mom.

5. I love Bob’s Tu Your Door Pizza, too, but maybe you needed to try something a tad more imromantic.

4. His idea of what a $100 massage is all about is probably different from yours.

3. While your message was quite clear perhaps you should wear pants next time.

2.  The heart-shaped meatloaf was a cute idea; I just think you should’ve turned off the wrestling show.

1. You took the mask off.