Top 10 things to remember about the upcoming elections

By Torry Stiles

10. The lesser of two evils is getting harder and harder to find.

9. I could probably tolerate the idea of vote buying If they would quit selling them in bulk.

8. Give everyone who comes to the polls a decent Happy Meal toy and you’ll see voter turn-out skyrocket.

7. If you can’t disagree with someone without hating them then maybe you should consider staying out of political discussions or playing euchre.

6. I worry less about the R or D next to my legislator’s name and more about the $ signs in their eyes.

5. There’s talk about a meteor striking Earth the day before the election. That could be the ultimate in political comet-ary.

4. We might be able to entrust the post office with mail-in voting, but I draw the line at allowing DoorDash to participate.

3. Due to COVID-19 there won’t be a lot of baby-kissing. However, sniffing them may be on the rise.

2. The guy’s wife won’t be in charge.

1. Who you vote for is not as significant as the fact that you vote.