Top 10 things I learned during the National Night Out

By Torry Stiles

10. No. You should not be “packing heat.” That includes your kid’s Nerf gun hidden under your belt.

9. We are looking for safety issues and not “casing the joint.”

8. The smell coming from your neighbor’s house is indeed what you think it is and nowadays it’s not that big a deal. You’ll have to get used to it.

7. A car on cement blocks in the front yard is a problem. Purple shutters on a green house are ugly but not a crime. Sorry.

6. Cops really do get tired of doughnuts eventually.

5. The playground has always been there. Kids have always been noisy. They have to be somewhere. No, you can’t have them deported.

4. There is no law that says the neighbor lady has to cover up no matter what you don’t want to see.

3.  Walk with a Cop is not the same as a Perp Walk.

2. Yes, they are stealing a lot of cars these days. Your ‘97 Olds Alero with the plastic wrap window is not at risk, however.

1.When doing window safety checks at night make sure you are checking only your own windows.