Top 10 things going into my ‘Hunker Bunker’

By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers: As the elections results and COVID numbers roll in I am getting ready to hunker down for the duration. Before I lock the gates, I need to make sure I’m stocked up on the necessities.)

10. Beer. Beer and more beer. Nothing light or flavored with coffee, please.

9. Several gallons of paint remover to help out when they blow the “All Clear.”

8. Clean underwear. Mama always said. …

7. A MAGA hat and a Biden-Harris hat just in case.

6. Ammo. Shoot, I’m packing a few extra magazines of spitwads and water balloons just to be safe.

5. Yeast donuts from Long’s and molasses cookies from Boyden’s.

4. A large bandage to cover my “Rainwater ‘20” tattoo.

3. Rib tips from Pull-up Barbecue on Raymond Street.

2. My AA sponsor on speed-dial.

1.My sense of humor and extra cash in case that fails.