Top 10 strange things overheard during the recent storms

By Torry Stiles

10.  “Does e-learning have e-snow days?”:

9. “What do you suppose Dick the Bruiser would have done?”

8. “Shoveling snow is back-breaking work. I should have my mom take a break.”

7. “Your propane heat idea is fine except we can still smell the hamburger from the last time you used the grill.”

6. “I know it’s time to turn when I run out of curb.”

5. “Third-graders don’t need whiskey no matter how cold it gets.”

4. How much flooring do I do before giving up and calling a tow truck?”

3. “The snow’s too deep and the dog can’t squat. Go help him out.”

2.  “I left a tap running. I left the stopper in, so we don’t waste water.”

1.  “Where are my Crocs? I wore them to the wedding. Do you have them?”