Top 10 signs your kid is rockin’ the school thing this year

By Torry Stiles

10. All the kids loved her YouTube of the principal making out with the substitute in the parking lot.

9. He hacked Dad’s card and DoorDashed Happy Meals to the whole first grade.

8. Her YouTube went viral and made enough money; they dropped the lawsuit and let her back into school.

7. Everyone in the office knows his name and Mom’s phone number.

6.  On Grandparents’ Day none of her grandparents were on the “Barred List.”

5. Was voted “Most Likely to Beat a Felony Rap.”

4. She made the cheer squad and the wrestling team and gets to lead cheers for herself.

3. He’s the only bus rider licensed to drive the bus.

2.  The school nurse is writing a paper on all the diseases your kid has called in with.

1.She’s beat up more kids than anyone in the second grade.