Top 10 signs you are done stressing over COVID

By Torry Stiles

10. It’s family night and you’re off to the buffet.

9. It’s been weeks since a cough made you leave the room in panic.

8. Being down to the last pack of toilet paper doesn’t send you scurrying back to the store.

7. Food tastes different when your hands aren’t coated in sanitizer.

6. You’re back to laughing at the people wearing their masks when they’re alone in their cars.

5. It no longer bothers you that the grocery store’s “sanitary wipes” for the shopping carts is really a pack of their cheapest diaper wipes.

4.  You’re less concerned about what they’ll call the next variant and more concerned with how all the others just disappeared.

3. When they stop you at the door and ask if you’ve recently been around someone with COVID you answer honestly with, “Hasn’t everyone?”

2. Sticky floors at the movie theater are just another part of the cinematic experience that you miss.

1. You’re finally cleaning out the mask collection in your car but keep stopping to hold one up and reminiscing, “I remember this one.”