Top 10 signs of fall

By Torry Stiles

10. The Christmas masks are in.
9. Every store is selling scented candles, goat soap and unicorn pillows.
8. Everyone wants to be the one to spot the first pothole of the season.
7. You make sure to have a spare CD case in the car until you remember to buy that new ice scraper.
6. The dog’s stopped shedding his winter coat and has started shedding his summer coat.
5. You’ve run out of Little League fundraiser candy just in time for the school’s Christmas candy fundraiser. (Which might last you through to Girl Scout cookie season in the Spring.)
4. Flowerbed under the mulch and plastic over the windows.
3. You’ve started a secret stash of toilet paper to be prepared for the next big scare.
2. Good-bye skeeters! Hello mice!
1. Endless jokes about pumpkin spice.