Top 10 signs of coming autumn you might not have noticed

By Torry Stiles

10. The Halloween aisle is still bigger than the Christmas aisle.

9. If it’s orange and has cinnamon in it then it’s pumpkin.

8. The closer we get to hunting season the less we hear about protesters heading to the suburbs.

7. The office thermostat guardian has stopped demanding everyone get personal desk fans and instead ordering everyone to wear sweaters.

6. You just sighted your first pair of Uggs.

5. The Colts have already lost their opener.

4. Your little dog is doing his “business” closer and closer to the back door each day.

3. Apple cider and caramel apples replace lemonade and freezer pops.

2. Mayor Hogsett came out of his burrow, saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of Phase 4.5.

1. You’ve already figured out there’s not going to be anything good on TV this year.