Top 10 recent Will Rogers quotes were he alive today – #34

By Torry Stiles

10. “A little conservative goes a long way but a lot of conservative will often go the wrong way.”

9. “Mr. Herbert Hoover got ribbed for promising a chicken for every pot, but our Mr. Biden is havin’ problems just getting folks some eggs.”

8. “The Republicans will be taking over Congress from the Democrats. I don’t look for a whole lot to change. We’ll just get a new batch of folks to be mad at.”

7. “I see the gov’ment is goin’ broke again ‘less’n we gives them more debt to carry. You know the gov’ment is the only business that only runs right when it runs on empty.”

6. Y’all can laugh any time now. They’re paying me by the word so I can wait all day ‘til you’re ready to read some more.”

5. “I found me one of those monster potholes the other day. Didn’t have to look real hard which makes me wonder why it’s so hard for the highway department to find ‘em.”

4. “Ever’body gettin’ ready for that Bowl of Super or Supreme Bowl or whatever we gotta call it now that somebody else owns the words.”

3. “Y’all excited about those electric cars comin’ ‘round. We had ‘em back in the day. Makes me wonder when they’ll bring back the Stanley Steamers.”

2. “Ain’t nobody richer than a fella the first day his tax refund comes in. Just remember: whatcha buy in February is up for repo in May.”

1.“Appreciate y’all spendin’ some time with me today. Mama says I have to keep these short ‘cause folks got a lot to do these days. Seems strange we spent all those years tryin’ to improve the world just so we WOULD have more time. Hmph.”