Top 10 reasons they keep taking those classified documents out of the White House

By Torry Stiles

10. “She wasn’t the only intern there, ya know.”

9. “The grandkids like using those ‘TOP SECRET’ file folders to stash their Pokemon cards.”

8. “The weekly update usually includes a Sudoku in the back, and I like to do them at home.”

7. “Ever since Nixon lost the instructions to that tape recorder, we’ve been afraid to throw away anything.”

6. “They have a 2-for-1 Burger King coupon on the bottom and forgot to put in an expiration date.”

5.  “I want to have plenty of dirt on people just in case they start that whole ‘prostitutes peeing on the prez’ nonsense.”

4.  “Never got around to reading ‘em at the time. Figured I’d get caught up eventually.”

3. “We kept finding more of the pictures J. Edgar Hoover had of the Kennedy years. Woo-woo!”

2.  “The recipes. I just save ‘em for the recipes. The White House chocolate cookies are to die for.”

1.“I’m not done coloring ‘em in.”