Top 10 reasons I’ve lasted this long at The Southside Times

By Torry Stiles

10. The publisher has a really good sense of humor even when the paper may be the subject. …. or at least I hope so.

9. There’s only about seven or eight people who actually read my stuff and that includes my mom and sometimes my wife and kids.

8. While everyone else in the newsroom is worried about journalistic integrity, I’m trying to figure out ways to slip the word “booger” into my articles.

7. I stay humble. My wife happily tells me how my stuff isn’t all that funny.

6. Never joke about St. Roch’s kickball. They are quite fanatic. Picture a bunch of fourth graders with team tattoos and their tailgating parents.

5. I avoid making fun of anyone who can beat me up… unless they don’t read too good.

4. I always follow the Newspaper Golden Rule: get it in before the deadline or they’re running an extra movie review.

3.  Keep it fresh and up to date. I have a whole folder of Wendell Wilkie stuff, but that opportunity is gone.

2. Never be afraid to help out in the newsroom. I can still write a yard sale ad that would make Donald Trump pay to come.

1.I get paid in Long’s Donuts coupons.