Top 10 reasons I’m hating this weather

By Torry Stiles

10.  The little Chihuahua dog across the street only poops on the shoveled sidewalks.

9.  I’m at the age where I no longer laugh about slipping on the ice.

8. Instead of shoveling I pull out the credit card and buy enough salt for an inch-thick layer everywhere.

7. My pothole dodging reflexes aren’t as good as they use to be. I compensate by having driven the route so often I know where they’ll pop up.

6. I can’t find a manly scarf.

5. When it’s time for a walk the dogs just look at me and we all know that I’ll just have to keep the mop handy.

4.  Bernie Sanders’ outfit from the inauguration no longer strikes me as comical.

3. It’s getting to be a chore just pulling on one pair of socks. That extra pair wears me out too much to go out.

2.  Back in the day having my rubbers before going out meant something entirely different.

1.My face hurts.